Gum rejuvenation is a great procedure for restoring receding gums. But can it be used if you’ve been told you need guided tissue regeneration (GTR)? The two procedures are comparable, and achieve some of the same results, but they’re not interchangeable.

What Is Guided Tissue Regeneration?

GTR is a method used to help your body grow back tissues lost to gum disease, which may include receding gums, periodontal ligaments, and even bone around the teeth.

There are two main problems that GTR seeks to overcome. First, there is the problem that gum tissue may not grow back where it is needed. Second, there is the problem that if it does grow back, gum tissue is likely to invade areas where bone tissue is supposed to grow, stopping the bone from growing there.

In GTR, special membranes are used to separate the regions where one type of tissue or another is needed. This both supports the growth of tissue, and prevents gum tissue, which can grow back relatively quickly, from interfering with bone tissue, which can grow back relatively slowly.

When You Need Guided Tissue Regeneration

GTR is recommended when you have experienced serious damage to your gums, bones, and ligaments from gum disease. If your teeth are at risk, and you have lost a substantial amount of bone underneath the gums, GTR can result in healing that stabilizes the tooth and builds back the bone. As part of the process, GTR may result in the regrowth of gum tissue that would not otherwise grow back.

When Gum Rejuvenation Can Help

Gum rejuvenation is a better technique for restoring receding gums. It’s especially helpful if you have receding gums, but little or no loss of bone underneath.

Gum rejuvenation is also helpful if GTR restores your bone tissue, but your gums don’t grown back to their desired location. In this case, nonsurgical gum rejuvenation can be used to redistribute the gum tissue you do have to achieve a better cosmetic result.

You need to have your gums evaluated in person to decide whether you can take advantage of gum rejuvenation, which is faster and less invasive, or if you need GTR. To have your gums evaluated, please call (949) 551-5902 today