Dentures can be not just uncomfortable, but downright painful for many wearers. But now people in Irvine can avoid many of the common causes of denture pain with FOY® Dentures, thanks to Dr. Scott Rice.

Poor Denture Fit

Poorly fitting dentures can often lead to denture pain. The most common cause of denture pain is when loose dentures move around and repeatedly hit certain spots on the gums, causing painful sores. Poorly fitting dentures can also lead to bite forces that are poorly distributed. Instead of being evenly balanced on your gums, when you bite down some places may suffer more force than others, resulting in pain as those parts of your gums get pinched between the gums and the denture.

FOY® Dentures are more secure, so there’s less risk of sores from a moving denture, and because they distribute bite forces more evenly, you aren’t likely to end up with painful pinch points on your gums.

Bone Shape

Another cause of denture pain is the shape of your alveolar ridge. This bony ridge used to support your teeth, but now it can poke into your gums, causing pain.

Most pain blamed on the alveolar ridge is actually because of uneven bite force, so better-fitting FOY® Dentures can reduce the pain, but in some cases, it may be necessary to change the shape of the alveolar ridge to eliminate this type of pain.

Poor Adaptation to Dentures

Learning to eat with dentures is a new skill for your body, but most people pick it up pretty well. Sometimes, though, you may develop a bad pattern of biting and chewing, what we call a parafunction. This can be influenced by poorly fitting dentures, but once it starts, it can be hard to correct on your own. Instead, you may wear down your dentures unevenly, worsening the imbalance in your bite, and eventually suffering pain in your jaw muscles or jaw joint as well as under the denture where your imbalanced bite puts the most force.

FOY® Dentures are designed to help optimize your biting and chewing, so they can help you adapt to chewing with dentures in a healthy way, which will not only make it easier to eat, but can eliminate some of the discomfort associated with your bad bite.

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