A new toothbrush unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has

Dr. Scott Rice excited about the possibilities for children and others who have trouble brushing their teeth adequately.

The new toothbrush is called the Kolibree, and it’s the first Internet-connected toothbrush. It tracks an individual’s brushing habits and gives a score to turn toothbrushing into a game where participants can earn merit badges for consistent and complete toothbrushing.

Dr. Rice, where do you see the biggest benefit for the Kolibree?

I see a big area is to monitor the effectiveness of brushing in kids. Parents could incentivize the kids to score higher as they perfect their skill and attention to detail. Orthodontists would love to see better home care while the child is in braces. Poor home care is one of the biggest frustrations with braces.

How would this device help?

Orthodontists currently grade the patient on each visit and often give rewards. This sometimes backfires, and kids feel like they’re being judged by the orthodontist or the parents. The Kolibree would make it so there is no question about judgment from the dental health provider or parent. The number is the bad guy or “takes the hit”– not the parent or the dentist!

Do you think your patients would embrace this technology?

I have a practice with patients that are very motivated about oral health. We use the latest technology from DNA testing for periodontal disease to special fluorescence testing for oral cancer. We incorporate 3D printing, 3D imaging and multimedia treatment presentations.  We practice in Irvine, Ca in a high tech area with computer geeks all around (we are a block away from Blizzard entertainment).

With all that said, from my experience, I would say that a relatively small segment of my adult practice would jump onto this device. But for that 1-5%, they will love it. They would be the patients that come in with their wrist bands that track their fitness. The highly motivated high achievers would love to see their score go up as they perfect their dental home care.

Thank You, Dr. Rice.

As Dr. Rice said, Rice Dentistry is dedicated to high-tech dental care, and we are always looking for discoveries that can give us or our patients an edge in the fight against oral disease. If you are motivated to have the best oral health possible and want a dental practice that will support you, please contact Rice Dentistry today for an appointment.