A few weeks ago, we blogged about the interconnected dangers of hypertension and sleep apnea.

However, we understand that not everyone can easily read the information (or would want to). As a result, we created this infographic to help more people understand just what’s at stake.

Rice Dentistry Sleep Apnea Infographic

Visual Learners

Not everyone finds that reading is the best way for them to get their information. Some people just don’t like to read texts–especially online. Other people are in a hurry and don’t want to get get bogged down in paragraphs of text. These are the TL;DR people, and an infographic is perfect for them. Finally, some people can and do read texts online, but they find they don’t retain the information as well as when they see a graphic image.

Our infographic is designed for all these people and more. Anyone who has hypertension or sleep apnea or knows someone who has or is at risk for these conditions should check out the graphic to learn about the dangers of these conditions.

Share the Graphic to Help

Of course, to be able to help people actually benefit from the infographic, it’s critical that people actually see it. To make it more likely that people will see it, we need people to share the graphic.

Sharing the infographic can make sure more people know about these dangers and hopefully get treatment. Because sleep apnea and hypertension are potentially deadly conditions, the simple act of sharing this infographic can make a big difference–it could even save a life.

I Don’t Know Anyone with Sleep Apnea

One of the reasons why people might think they shouldn’t share the graphic is that they don’t think anyone they know has sleep apnea. But the truth is that about 80% of sleep apnea sufferers are undiagnosed. So that means you likely know many people who have sleep apnea, and you don’t know if because they don’t know it. Sharing the infographic may help them identify their symptoms so they can get treatment.

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Orange County

If you’re looking for sleep apnea treatment in Orange County, Rice Dentistry can help. We offer nonsurgical alternatives to CPAP that are very convenient and very effective.

To learn more about the treatment options we offer, please call (949) 551-5902 today for an appointment with a sleep dentist.