It’s a story we’ve heard many times in our office, but less often see in a column: a young woman hates her teeth. To correct that, we’re happy to read the column by Felicia Sabartinelli on about how she has struggled as a result of her teeth.

Although there are some barriers to getting your teeth fixed, such as time and money, these barriers are not so great when you consider the opportunities that you miss.

Cosmetic dentistry is a good investment, and something to consider when you’re young.

cute young woman showing off her shining smile

An Aspiring Actress

Ms. Sabartinelli passionately tells us the story of how she hates her teeth. She starts out first talking about the personal impact on her life. She notes that she hates to smile, sits off to one side when out with friends, and very carefully poses for pictures, either turning to hide one side of her smile or smiling with her lips closed. This personal pain is something that many people deal with on a daily basis. In and of itself, it is good justification for getting your teeth fixed. It’s a benefit that you will enjoy every day of your life for the rest of your life.

But then Ms. Sabartinelli talks about a more tangible cost to her crooked teeth. As an aspiring actress and model, she says, she has been told over and over again that she might have gotten a job, but for her crooked teeth. Although some might consider hiring her because she could do certain angles or expressions, it’s too much of a risk to hire someone who might not be right for the angles the photographer wanted or that worked best with the setting or product.

A Great Investment

When you look at the emotional and economic costs that Ms. Sabartinelli has faced, you can see that having a crooked or uneven smile is expensive. Getting your teeth fixed with orthodontics is relatively inexpensive compared to the benefits. It’s quite likely that a single job Ms. Sabartinelli was passed over would have paid for the entire treatment.

But what if you’re not an aspiring actress or model? Does your smile still matter? You bet it does. It’s true that everyone is judged on their appearance, and that includes the appearance of your smile. People with straight teeth are more likely to be hired for any job over people with similar qualifications. And they’re likely to be offered more money, too. Being comfortable and smiling at work also makes you more likely to be promoted.

Overall, then, it’s clear that everyone could benefit financially from a better smile, above and beyond the health and personal benefits.

It’s More Affordable Than You Think

Of course, we’re sure that there are many people who find themselves, like Ms. Sabartinelli, thinking that they just can’t afford orthodontics or other cosmetic dentistry. Although it is true that we might not be able to make it work for you, we offer very flexible payment options and financing that help many people afford cosmetic dentistry they always thought was out of reach.

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