We tend to think of dentures as being something that people get when they’re older, either retired or getting ready to retire. But the truth is that many working-age people face the loss of all their teeth and the problem of getting dentures. Even in California, which has one of the lowest tooth loss rates in the country, at least 5% of people age 18-64 have lost all their teeth and need dentures.

The problem these people face is that most dentures are designed with older people in mind, and they don’t reflect the demands that younger people have for their dentures. At Rice Dentistry, though, we are prepared to give dentures that reflect the needs of younger people.

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A Natural Appearance Is Crucial

When you’re a younger person with dentures, you don’t want anyone to know that you have them. Having dentures as an older person is accepted, but having them as a younger person can be embarrassing, especially if they are cheap, ugly dentures. To avoid giving your dentures away every time you open your mouth. you want your dentures to look completely natural.

We design our dentures using the same principles we apply to all our cosmetic dentistry. We use comparable materials for our dentures that we use in porcelain veneers and other smile makeover treatments. This means that your smile can look just as beautiful after you get your dentures as they did before, and many people find they have the best-looking smiles of their lives when they get dentures.

Dentures Have to Work as Hard as You Do

When you’re working, you don’t have time to worry about poorly functioning dentures.

For example, you need to be able to speak clearly. If you’re a retiree who interacts mostly with friends and family, they can learn the peculiarities of your denture-slurred speech, but if you’re constantly meeting with new business associates, it’s crucial that every word you speak is clear. And it can be hard enough to hear people on conference calls–you don’t need to add extra challenges.

A lot of business gets concluded over meals. You don’t want to have to confess that your diet is limited by poorly functioning dentures or have to duck out of an important lunch to rinse dentures or get food out from under them.

Traditional dentures are also not comfortable for all-day wear, but you don’t want to have your teeth sitting in a glass when the office pulls a long day.

We design dentures that function better and are more comfortable, in part because they are supported by dental implants, which help implant dentures function better and reduce pressure on your gums.

A More Active Lifestyle

When you’re retired, you might be able to accept that dentures reduce your balance and make it hard for you to manage anything over a walk, but if you’re younger, you want to keep up your active lifestyle and don’t want poorly fitting dentures to interfere.

At Rice Dentistry, we make sure your dentures can do all the things your natural teeth did, including help stabilize your head, neck, and spine.

Dentures That Meet Your Needs

Although these demands from dentures are more common from younger people, dentures that don’t limit you or your lifestyle can help people of all ages.

If you are looking for dentures that let you live your life the way you want, please call (949) 551-5902 for an appointment with an Irvine cosmetic dentist at Rice Dentistry, serving patients across Orange County.