A lot of time we talk about the dental crown as the “cosmetic” part of the dental implant, because it’s the part we see and the part that is supposed to be attractive. But the crown also has important functional roles to fill–in addition to being attractive, because that’s actually an important function of your teeth. Your dental crown has to perform the chewing. It has to fit with your neighboring teeth. And it has to fit comfortably with the soft tissue around the crown.

If the gum tissue around your dental implant is red and inflamed, it may be due to poor fit from your dental crown or abutment.

man holding his jaw in painMucositis: Your First Suspect for Redness

If the gum tissue around your dental implant is red and inflamed, you first have to suspect mucositis, a mild infection of your gums and the first warning sign of peri-implantitis. Since peri-implantitis can lead to dental implant failure, it’s important to consider this option and make sure there’s no infection. 

If your dentist has evaluated the gum tissue and says it’s not infected, make sure you’re being careful with hygiene around the implant. If you are, the dental crown might be your next suspect.

How Dental Crowns Can Cause Redness

Your dental crown has to fit in with the rest of your tissues. If it doesn’t, it can lead to irritation. If a dental crown is too large, it can lead to irritation of the gums around the implant. The height of the dental crown matters, too. If it’s down too low, it can also lead to irritation. And if the dental crown doesn’t fit with your bite, pressure from biting can push the crown down on gum tissue, causing irritation. The same can be true of dental bridges, too. 

The abutment might also be the problem. The abutment is supposed to give the dental crown enough space to clear the gum tissue. If it’s not long enough, you are more likely to suffer irritation. And, of course, the abutment is a prime suspect when it comes to mucositis. 

Get a Second Opinion

If your dental implant is uncomfortable and your dentist is unwilling or unable to do anything about it, you should get a second opinion about the health of your implant as well as the fit of your dental crown and abutment.

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