The story seems like a revelation: two women who gave up brushing their teeth now enjoy beautiful, healthy smiles. Reading that, you might be tempted to give up on oral hygiene.

But before you throw your toothbrush away, it’s important to pay attention to the details of the stories and see that, actually, these women are likely headed for trouble, and may be shortening their lives.

Don't Give Up on Brushing Teeth

Taking Advantage of Youth

The story focuses on two women who stopped brushing their teeth in their teens. These women are still relatively young: Alice is in her early 20s and Gemma is in her early 30s. They claim to have perfect teeth, but the reality is likely quite different.

The Alice says she visits her dentist every year. He doesn’t complain about the state of her teeth, according to her, except for the buildup on her teeth, which, she says, he attributes to a lack of flossing.

Alice definitely has some lifestyle factors in her favor. She doesn’t smoke or drink caffeine- or alcohol-containing beverages. This greatly reduces the likelihood that she is constantly bathing her teeth in sugary, acidic liquids. Chewing gum also helps clean teeth, which is something that Alice says she does regularly.

However, it is likely that Alice will soon start to experience the same reality that Gemma is facing. While Gemma also claims to have a healthy smile, there are signs of trouble on the horizon.

Gemma stopped visiting the dentist in 2013, so she really has no idea about the true health of her teeth. It’s likely she stopped visiting the dentist because she didn’t like what he was saying. We can tell from her statement, “The dental industry is one big fat con,” that she is suspicious and distrusting of her dentist and probably wouldn’t listen to what he was saying. She has two dead teeth, and has broken a third one off. Although she blames tooth grinding dof these problems, it’s more likely that the dead teeth are related to cavities and infection. She also gets food stuck in her teeth regularly, which is a sign of receding gums and gum disease.

Sooner or Later, Poor Oral Hygiene Catches Up

Not everyone has to be as rigorous with their oral hygiene. Because of genetic and dietary factors, some people can get away without brushing their teeth twice a day. Other people may be lucky enough to get away without brushing teeth at all when they’re relatively young, especially if they’re still getting regular checkups and professional cleanings.

However, eventually, the consequences of poor oral hygiene catch up with us. The oral microbiome changes to favor harmful bacteria. Damage to our teeth accumulates and we can find that our oral health seems to change rapidly from good to very poor. If you only want to have your teeth for 35-40 years, it’s perfectly acceptable to skip brushing them. However, if you want your teeth to last a lifetime, then oral hygiene is an essential part of your daily routine.

We Can Help You Make a Change

If you are someone who has gone years or even decades without brushing, we can help. Whether you’ve started to see the damage to your teeth or are still enjoying the grace period of youth, we can help you preserve your teeth for a lifetime.

If you need help establishing and maintaining an oral hygiene routine, we can teach you proper techniques. We can also repair any damage to your teeth by filling simple cavities, protecting badly damaged teeth with dental crowns, or replacing lost teeth with dental implants.

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