Are you having trouble adjusting to your new dentures? Do you think you might be allergic to dentures? This is possible, but it is a very rare condition. Instead, you need to consider other possible causes for your denture problems.


Poor Fit

Poorly fitting dentures are all too common, and they cause what most people consider to be the primary sign of an infection: inflamed and irritated gums. If you think you might have a denture allergy, first make sure that it’s not just poorly fitting dentures first. If you do have poorly fitting dentures, FOY® Dentures can give you a better, more comfortable fit to avoid irritation and inflammation.

Rough Dentures

Sometimes dentures are not as smooth at the bottom as they should be. You may not be able to see the roughness, but it may be enough to irritate your gums.


Bacteria can also cause inflammation of your gums. Your dentist can check to see if there is a high concentration of bacteria on your dentures and on your gums. Then you can review the cleaning instructions to make sure you get a very thorough cleaning to prevent the accumulation of bacteria on your dentures.

Cleaning Solution

dentures in a clear glass of cleaning solutionAnother possible cause of allergic reactions is not the bacteria, but the solution used to remove them. The FDA has issued warnings that people can have allergic responses to these cleaning solutions, so it’s crucial that you make sure you’re following the appropriate instructions for removing denture cleaning solution before you put your dentures back in.

Is a Skin Test Enough?

People are not generally allergic to the acrylic material, but to curing compounds. When you are tested for this allergy using a skin test, it might not accurately reflect whether your gums actually experience an allergic reaction to the material, so you might need an additional step to confirm a gum allergy.

If You Do Have an Allergy

If it turns out you do have an allergy to your dentures, however, you can get a replacement denture that is made without the allergen your body is responding to.

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