We have talked about the potential risks related to traveling to Mexico for dental implants. However, it’s just as risky to travel to other places for dental work, as British glamour girl Katie Price discovered to her dismay.

Upon returning from a trip to Turkey to get porcelain veneers, Price experienced a serious reaction that threatened her life, because the dental clinic she worked with made a simple error.

Is getting dentistry work abroad worth it?

An Allergic Reaction to Unnecessary Medications

Price was traveling home from having her final veneers placed when she experienced a terrible reaction. It turns out that the antibiotic pills she was given after her treatment contained penicillin, an antibiotic that Price is allergic to.

There is no excuse for Price to have suffered this kind of reaction. First, if any doctor or dentist is truly taking care of their patients, they will take the time to figure out about any drug allergies the patient has. This should have allowed them to avoid giving Price anything with penicillin in it. The fact that the doctor didn’t reminds us of the dangers of dental tourism: you’re not sure what quality your dentist will ultimately be.

But, really, there’s no reason why Price should have been given any kind of antibiotic at all. Antibiotics aren’t necessary for every dental procedure. Simple placement of dental veneers does not require antibiotics. However, this is also possibly related to dental tourism. In some places where antiseptic procedures are not as well developed as in the US, antibiotics are used as a sort of safety net. Since any procedure is potentially a source of infection, every patient must be treated with antibiotics.

Price Probably Wanted Bad Dentistry

We may wonder why someone like Katie Price might decide to get cosmetic dentistry in Turkey rather than getting it done in Britain or the US. People estimate she is worth over $60 million dollars and could likely afford cosmetic dentistry anywhere. Likely, it’s an example of being penny wise and pound foolish, as they say in Britain. The procedure in Turkey may have saved her money up front, but it will cost her more in the long run to get it repaired.

But, of course, this kind of foolishness is exactly what Price has built her career on. People have watched her repeated plastic surgery operations with a mixture of horror and fascination. But what really matters to Price is simply that they watch. And she’s gotten what she wants out of this incident: increased media attention.

Nor does she care whether her veneers last or fail in a few years. Failing veneers give her another opportunity to go on television to talk about her teeth.

Dentistry in the US Is a Better Value

But if you’re the kind of person who does care about the quality of dental work you’re receiving, dentistry in the US is a better value.

You may initially pay more for the procedure, but you’ll get better, longer-lasting results, and have a lower risk of complications. Over the long run, you’ll pay less for your dentistry and enjoy better health and appearance throughout.

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