Most people aren’t enthusiastic about the mask-wearing requirement in California. Even for those who see it as a necessary precaution for controlling the spread of coronavirus, we have to admit that it’s an extra nuisance that can sometimes be uncomfortable. 

However, there are some people who are actually relieved by the requirement. That’s because it lets them hide a smile that otherwise makes them uncomfortable in social situations. However, the mask requirement is going to be temporary. If you enjoy the confidence you get from wearing a mask, now might be the ideal time to get cosmetic dentistry so you can enjoy that confidence permanently. 

No Confidence in Her Smile

Woman with attractive eyes wears a mask

Last week, the Washington Post published the story of a woman who had waged a lifelong battle against a congenital skeletal deformity. Her class II malocclusion took decades of work and several courses of orthodontics to overcome. 

Although the orthodontics, including surgery, had been effective at improving the appearance of her smile, she still felt insecure. However, she found that wearing a mask gave her confidence, in addition to being good for personal and public health. 

For years, the woman had avoided any social interaction that involved food or might lead to talking. She suppressed desires to laugh or talk spontaneously. As a result, she found it hard to keep or make friends. 

Although she has seen good results from her orthodontic treatment, she remains self-conscious, even with her new husband. 

However, wearing a mask gives her confidence and makes her feel comfortable in public. This is a wonderful experience for her, and removing her mask often causes her uncertainty. 

There Are Solutions for Most Smiles

We know that many people will empathize with this woman’s story. We know many people have spent much or all of their lives feeling self-conscious about their smiles. They often suppress the urge to talk, laugh, or smile. And when they do smile, they automatically conceal their smile with a hand or any convenient object. 

Many people with this experience are likely happy with mask requirements and might even dread their ending. Fortunately, for most people, there are good options for achieving a beautiful smile. 

Cosmetic dentistry can help you overcome a smile that’s been robbing you of your confidence for years. In addition to orthodontics, veneers could correct a crooked or gapped smile, and dental implants can replace lost teeth. Depending on the treatment necessary, you can have a smile you’re happy to show in months, weeks, or even hours. And the results can last for decades. In some cases, results are essentially permanent, with proper care. Then you won’t have to worry about the mask requirement ending. 

Looking for a Beautiful Smile in Orange County?

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