So, it’s important to acknowledge that the source of the research definitely influences its conclusions, but that doesn’t mean that studies by clear braces maker Invisalign don’t show the real benefits of having straighter teeth. Especially when the findings confirm what we see when patients get their teeth straightened in our practice.

Invisalign’s Study Conclusions

Invisalign has commissioned a number of studies that look at the impact straight teeth have on the way we are perceived. This is important because your smile is an essential part of your first impression (according to Invisalign, 29% of people say your smile is the first thing they notice about a face). The benefits of straighter teeth make a difference in both personal and professional situations.

When you have straighter teeth, people are more likely to attribute positive characteristics to you. Looking at the same picture either with straight teeth or with crooked teeth, people were more likely to rate it as:[unordered_list style=’circle’]

  • Popular: 55% more likely
  • Healthy: people with straight teeth are 47% more likely to be perceived as healthy
  • High self esteem:44% more likely
  • Trustworthy: 31% more likely

[/unordered_list] These benefits extend beyond first impressions to a second date. Nearly 40% of people would consider skipping a second date because a person has crooked teeth.

And the benefits of straighter teeth extend to your professional life, too. A person with straight teeth is likely to get hired over someone with similar qualifications 45% more often than someone with crooked teeth. And people will are more likely to see you as having made it if you have straight teeth. Straight teeth make it 50% more likely that people with think you are in the highest income bracket, and crooked teeth make it twice as likely people will think you’re unemployed.

The Real Reason You Should Get Braces

However, this convincing research isn’t really the reason why you should be considering straightening your teeth. Instead, what other people think of you–even when it comes to job hunting–is less important than what you think of you. If you are comfortable and confident in your smile, you will project that, whether your teeth are straight or not.

But if your smile makes you feel self-conscious because of crooked teeth, that will show through, too, and can significantly hurt you in your personal and professional life. That’s when you should get your teeth straightened, and we offer multiple options for achieving a straighter smile: Invisalign, 6-Month Smiles, and the remarkable Inman Aligner.

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