Cheap dentures have a lot of problems, but the one most people will notice is that they don’t look good. If you make a decision to get cheap dentures, you have to be prepared that for as long as you keep those dentures you won’t have an attractive smile. This is a blunt statement, but the truth is that there are many reasons why cheap dentures just can’t look attractive. But

quality dentures correct these problems so you can have a beautiful smile, even after you’ve lost your teeth.

Cheap Materials

A close up of cheap denturesOne of the biggest savings that go into making cheap dentures is the materials used. Cheap dentures are typically made using all the same material for the gums and the teeth, just dyed differently. Although this is definitely less expensive, it is also less natural looking.

In a natural smile, your teeth and your gums are made of very different materials, so making them out of the same material in a denture can’t lead to a natural result. Quality dentures use ceramic teeth, very similar to the ceramic material we use for porcelain veneers, to give your teeth a natural luster.

Mass Produced

Another place where cheap dentures cut costs is in labor. And one of the places they save on labor is on the customization of your individual teeth. Instead of making custom designs for the teeth, giving them individual character and personality, the teeth roll off an assembly line so they all look pretty much the same: so when you smile you’ll be revealing the same six teeth as every other person with cheap dentures.

Sometimes those teeth are going to be too big for your smile. Other times they might be too small. They may be too masculine or too feminine. You don’t have to want to reproduce your natural smile to benefit from customized teeth. You just have to want a smile that’s your own and no one else’s.


And then there’s the big problem with cheap dentures: how badly they can fit. Cheap dentures aren’t designed to precisely fit your mouth–they’re designed to be able to be fit quickly so you can be ushered quickly out of the office–saving more labor costs and allowing a dentist to sell more mass-produced dentures. You might feel the poor fit of dentures, but everyone is certainly going to see it, too.

When dentures are poorly fitted, the midline of the dentures can be off to the side, throwing off the symmetry of your smile–and your face. Symmetry is beauty, so this definitely matters. The dentures can also tilt off to one side. You might notice just a tiny slant at first, but as those plastic teeth wear down quickly, this will grow quickly. Soon the slant is very noticeable, even when you’re not smiling–your entire face will have gained a slant.

Whether you get dental implants to support them or not, you need quality dentures if you are looking for an attractive smile.

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