One of the benefits of orthodontics is that you can enjoy the benefits of straight teeth for life. But you do have to take care of the results to make sure that they last. All this requires is wearing your retainer to keep your teeth in the proper alignment. At first, you’ll wear your retainer all day. Then you can switch to just wearing at night. Then you can switch to wearing it not every night. But for many people, it’s recommended that you do keep wearing it.

Does that sound like a commitment? It is. But it’s worth it. Just ask these celebrities whose fabulous smiles have benefitted from wearing their retainers.

Celebs Who Still Wear Retainers | Irvine Dentist

Margot Robbie

The Suicide Squad star just recently revealed that she still wears her retainers, even though her orthodontist only told her that she needed to wear them for two years. That was more than 10 years ago, when she was 14. Now the 27-year-old actress has revealed that she keeps wearing her retainer because she’s paranoid that something is going to go wrong with her teeth. In addition to the retainer for straightening her teeth, she also uses a bite splint to protect her teeth from grinding.

Kim Kardashian-West

Kim K-W hasn’t always been good to her teeth. With her penchant for tooth jewelry and gold grillz, she’s been putting her teeth at risk. But she knows that she depends on her smile (even if she’s somewhat reluctant to use it), so she takes care of it. She revealed several years ago that wearing her retainer is part of her nightly beauty routine. At least, that’s what she does when she doesn’t have a night out, but she may need only periodic wear for maintenance at this point.

Miley Cyrus

Growing up in the spotlight as she did, Miley Cyrus had some restrictions on her when it came time to get braces. She was starring in the series Hannah Montana as a teen, so she couldn’t get regular braces that would show on camera. So she got lingual braces instead. This approach puts the brackets and wires on the inside of the teeth. It’s just as effective and it keeps the braces hidden.

This one is a bit of a cheat, because we don’t know that she wears her retainer, just that she sometimes wears her friend’s retainer. That is a bit unsanitary, but, if it fits, it may not be bad for her smile.

Julianne Moore

Although Julianne Moore is approaching 60, she maintains her youthful appearance with a regular regimen of skin care, and, yes, putting in her retainer every night. She not only admits to wearing it every night, she says that when she hasn’t worn it, she’s regretted it.

Moore has played a wide range of roles, from the comedic (such as Maude in The Big Lebowski) to the dramatic (Alice in Still Alice), but she’s always remarkable for her gorgeous smile, which distinguishes her only slightly less than her long red hair.

The Retainer Is NBD

If you’re considering orthodontics, but don’t like the thought of wearing a retainer after treatment, take comfort in two facts. First, you may not have to wear your retainer all the time. Second, even if you do, as these celebrities show, it’s not a major concern.

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