If you’re unhappy with crooked teeth, you’re not alone. Most people with crooked teeth wish they could have a straighter smile. And there’s good reason to get a straighter smile. Not only will straighter teeth provide the most improvement in your self esteem, it can reduce your risk of gum disease by half!

And here’s something else to make you smile: thanks to new technologies, orthodontic treatment is better than ever. Here are the top ten technologies that make braces better than ever.

Top 10 Technologies That Make Orthodontics Better


Acceledent is an exciting technology that we love in our office. It uses gentle vibration treatments to speed the movement of your teeth. Studies show it can cut treatment time in half–and reduce discomfort of orthodontic treatment, too! A great advancement in orthodontics.


Arguably, nothing has done more to change the face of modern orthodontics than Invisalign. The whole concept of moving teeth with clear plastic aligners is revolutionary. And when you add in the supporting computer and material science advancements (see below), Invisalign makes for a much better orthodontic experience than we could offer in the past.


Invisalign has been around for more than 20 years, and it’s continued to get better over time. One important advancement is the SmartTrack material. This material allows Invisalign aligners to retain their strength so they move teeth better–and faster!

Invisalign G7

Invisalign has also made many software updates. Over the course of five million cases fed into its central database, Invisalign has been able to optimize the tooth movement plans so that they happen more efficiently–faster and more comfortably–than ever.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is another important innovation. Although it uses brackets and wires like traditional braces, treatment is much faster and more comfortable. How? It works smarter, not harder. By focusing on cosmetic tooth movements, it can achieve the straighter smile you desire without disturbing the harder-to-move back teeth.

Tooth-Colored Wires

We know that no one likes the look of a metal mouth. And now they don’t have to have that appearance, even if they are getting wire-and-bracket braces. Modern orthodontic wires can be tooth-colored so they’re very subtle and hard to spot.

Clear Brackets

Clear brackets also help make traditional braces less visible. Made of advanced plastics, these brackets perform just as well as metal brackets, but they’re much harder to spot.

Adult Orthodontics

It used to be that braces were focused mostly on teens, and adult braces were taken as a secondary concern. This could lead to problems as adult orthodontics are very different than teen orthodontics. But as our understanding has expanded, we are able to deliver consistently great results for adults, and that’s part of the reason why more adults than ever are looking to straighten their teeth. Now people can get their teeth straightened at any age.

Inman Aligner

Want a removable orthodontic solution that can provide some minor straightening very quickly? That solution could be the Inman Aligner. By providing force from multiple directions at once, the Inman Aligner can provide straighter teeth in about 6-18 weeks, not months. And although this isn’t a subtle device by any means, many people are happy to make the tradeoff in speed for subtlety.

Porcelain Veneers

Not all orthodontics has to move the teeth. Porcelain veneers can be used to reshape teeth to get a straighter smile in a few weeks, which is why they’re sometimes called “Instant Orthodontics.”. And it gives us the opportunity to reshape, repair, and whiten teeth at the same time, which can help some people who might otherwise be unhappy with their orthodontic treatment.

Are You Ready for a Great Braces Experience?

At Rice Dentistry, we know that technology can help our patients enjoy better experiences with their dental treatment. That’s why we take advantage of all these great advancements to deliver the best braces experience available.

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