A successful dental implant procedure is a team effort. We each have our parts to play. We do our part by planning your implant procedure and making sure that the implant is placed properly. We also perform cleanings of your teeth and implants, and perform comprehensive exams at each of your follow-up visits.

But your part is just as important. You have to perform daily hygiene on your dental implant, make sure you get proper nutrition to help your implant heal, and pay attention to the health of your dental implant. 

And, according to a recent study, you are likely to be almost as good at spotting complications in your dental implant as we are. 

Surveying Dental Implant Patients in the Critical First Year

As we’d recently discussed, most dental implant complications come up in the first year, so this is an ideal time to look at the ability of patients and dentists to spot dental implant problems. In this new study, researchers surveyed 75 people who received their dental implants less than a year before and their dentists. The survey focused on five areas of implant health:loose implants, fractured restorations, bleeding or pus around implants, appearance of implants, and occlusion, the way that the dental implant fits together with other teeth. 

The assumption was that people and their dentists would have very different opinions about the health of the dental implants, but that didn’t prove to be the case. The differences turned out to be minor and not statistically significant. For example, 14.7% of patients surveyed thought their dental implant was loose, and 13.3% of dentists felt the implants were loose. 

Keep an Eye out for Complications

As you go through your daily routine with your dental implants, it’s important for you to be aware of your dental implant health. Here are some things to pay attention to and report to your implant dentist if you notice them:

All of these can signal potential complications with your dental implants. Usually, if detected early we can manage problems with the dental implant and still get a good result. At worst, we can remove the implant and try again. 

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