If you are considering your options for replacing all your teeth with dentures, implant dentures are your best choice. They will give you the most stable, most comfortable, and most functional tooth replacement. 

But there are several ways that dentures can be attached to dental implants. Here’s a brief guide to your options so that you can decide which is right for you.

Fixed Dentures

This is, for many reasons, the best situation for attaching your dentures to dental implants. The fully attached denture is the most stable option. It doesn’t need to be removed for cleaning. Short of breaking the denture or implants, which is very hard to do, these dentures won’t move. 

Fixed implant dentures can be made with much less material, so there’s less of a feeling that you have an overfull mouth, which can lead to problems with salivation. Fixed implant dentures can be made entirely of ceramic, so there’s no plastic at all in your dentures. They look great.

The disadvantage is that if the fixed denture breaks, it is difficult to repair and will likely have to be replaced. 

Removable Denture with a Bar

Removable dentures will attach to your dental implants via locators. They can be almost as stable as fixed dentures., especially with a milled bar. A milled bar is a structural reinforcement for your tooth ridge. It helps support and attach the denture, and it can even help improve the support your lips, resulting in a more natural and youthful appearance. 

They can, however, be a little more bulky than the completely fixed denture, which may be problematic for some people. In addition, removable dentures should be taken out at night, which can lead to problems for some people, especially those at risk for sleep apnea. 

Removable Dentures without a Bar

Your dentures can also attach directly to the dental implants without a bar for support. This can save some money and some people may prefer not having the bar. These can also be bulky, but this bulk can help support the lips as with a milled bar attachment. 

If you would like to learn which is the best option for attaching your dentures to your dental implants, please call (949) 551-5902 for an appointment with an Orange County implant dentist at Rice Dentistry in Irvine.