The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) is a large trade and continuing education organization dedicated to promoting cosmetic dentistry procedures. Every two years they issue the results of their survey of dentists in the profession to determine what is the state of the industry. This year’s results give many interesting insights that we may have occasion to return to from time to time. Today, let’s discuss some of the results with respect to procedures and motivations of cosmetic dentistry patients like you.

Why People Get Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many potential motivations that may drive people to get cosmetic dentistry. Here are the reasons that motivated patients to get cosmetic dentistry. (With multiple selections possible in each case, the numbers add up to much more than 100%.)

  • Improve physical attractiveness/self-esteem 89%
  • Restorative or health reasons (fixing damage from accident, injury or disease) 54%
  • Fix a previous failed cosmetic dentistry procedure 51%
  • To look and feel younger 50%
  • To prepare for upcoming events 49%
  • Improve career success 23%
  • Improve success in a romantic relationship 16% (Way too high a number. Remember, like a genie, a cosmetic dentist can’t make anyone fall in love with you!)

• The main reason why people are drawn to cosmetic dentistry is to improve their appearance so they can feel better about themselves.

What Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures People Are Looking for

• Dentists also responded with the procedures they performed most often. The top 10 procedures reported included:

Obviously, as with above, the dentists could select more than one. The results are less clear-cut here than in terms of motivations, but there’s still a clear favorite. Dental crowns are so versatile both as a restorative and cosmetic treatment that it makes sense they’d be so popular.

What Are Your Dental Needs?

These survey results are interesting, but they obviously don’t cover all the potential motivations and procedures that people are seeking. No matter what procedure you’re looking for or why, Rice Dentistry in Irvine can help. Please contact us today for an appointment.