Dental care is something that everyone needs for their entire life. But that doesn’t mean that dentistry is the same for kids as it is for seniors. Your dental care needs and wants will change as you age, and you need a dentist who is prepared to provide the dental care you need throughout your life.

Children and Teens

cb2d9692-63ba-48c1-915e-e04a0b5a4cb6For children and teens, dental care is primarily preventive. For very young children, it’s important to teach good oral care habits, though most of us continue to need refreshers on this point several times in our lives.

Cosmetic dentistry may also start at this point, since this is the age when many people seek orthodontics, either as their own choice or at the encouragement of their parents.

In unusual cases, poor oral care and serious trauma may lead to the need for reconstructive dentistry.

Young Adults (18-34)

For young adults, preventive care remains primary. Trauma remains a risk that can cause serious tooth damage and may require reconstructive dentistry.

Many young adults may be left with cosmetic dentistry wishes, either because they didn’t get orthodontics or because they have additional concerns about the appearance of their smile. However, at this age, few young adults can afford extensive cosmetic dentistry.

Adults (35-64)

At these ages, gum disease becomes a serious concern. Even with good preventive care, many adults will develop gum disease, sometimes serious gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss. Tooth decay can also become more serious at this point in life. As a result, root canals and even dental implants are more in demand at this age.

Tooth wear may also start to become an issue, and cosmetic concerns from youth may linger. The good news is that many people at this age can afford porcelain veneers or dental crowns that work great to address these concerns. In addition, tooth staining become obvious in these ages, and teeth whitening may be desired.

Seniors (65+)

This used to be the age when dentures became expected, but more and more seniors are keeping their teeth later in life. This means that more procedures to maintain and protect teeth are in demand at these ages than ever before, including both preventive and reconstructive dentistry. Gum disease becomes more serious and is connected with dangerous health conditions, like heart disease, so it’s important to keep the mouth healthy at these ages.

As we all feel younger than ever, too, we want to look younger as well, and cosmetic dentistry remains in demand, no matter what your age.

A Dentist for Life

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