Dental Implants can restore your beautiful smile to full function

A new market report shows that dental implants are expected to continue growing dramatically in the next few years. People want more attractive and more functional alternative to traditional dentures.

This market report showed that, although titanium dental implants dominate the market right now, metal-free zirconia implants will likely grow much faster than titanium implants, as much as 8% per year to become an increasingly larger share of the market. There are many reasons why this is the case.

Smaller Market Share

As we noted, titanium dental implants represent the vast majority of the dental implant market. With a smaller proportion of the market, it’s mathematically easier for zirconia implants to post higher percentage growth.

We expect the growth numbers will naturally even out as zirconia dental implants become more popular.

An Exciting New Technology

Dental implants have been in use for more than 50 years now. Many people are aware of them. Although dental implants are a truly impressive technology, they’re a little bit old hat. People are not as excited about them as they used to be.

However, zirconia implants are much less known. As people learn about them, many are attracted to the lure of this newly developed implant technology. And there is a high “cool” factor attached to a ceramic that is as strong as titanium.

More Attractive

For most people, dental implants are a very attractive solution to replace missing teeth. But for some people, especially those with thin or translucent gums, the gray metal titanium may not make for an attractive result.

Zirconia implants, on the other hand, are a more tooth-colored root. They look more like natural tooth roots, so that even if you have thin, translucent, or receding gums, your results are still going to look great.

Just as Functional

Zirconia implants wouldn’t grow nearly as fast if they didn’t promise the same great results as traditional metal dental implants.

But they do. The initial success rate for zirconia implants is as high or higher than for titanium implants. They are as strong as titanium implants and have comparable survival rates in long-term studies so far.

Rising Concerns about Metal in the Body

With all the draw toward zirconia implants, it’s also important to remember that there are some reasons why people don’t want to get titanium implants. There are many people who feel uncomfortable with the concept of any metal in their bodies.

A small number of people even have titanium allergies, which can lead to implant failure or other negative symptoms. These people will reject titanium implants in favor of zirconia.

Are Zirconia Implants Right for You?

Not many dental practices are yet offering zirconia dental implants, but if you want to learn whether these are the right implants for you, we can help you decide. Please call (949) 551-5902 today for an appointment with an Orange County  implant dentist at Rice Dentistry in Irvine.